1. Buyer issues ICPO to and scanned copies of the buyer’s company registration and international passport number of buyer.

2. Upon receipt, review and approval of buyer ICPO, Seller issues to buyer the sales purchase agreement Contract, Buyer return the countersigned contract to Seller 

3. Seller review signed contract seal and return a copy of the signed and Legalized contract To The Buyer , Both parties lodge with their respective banks , Within 3 Banking Days Buyer Open Pre advise As proof Of fund MT 799 To the Seller Fiduciary bank ,and send the swift copy bank to bank officer email

4. Seller releases to buyer the below Partial POP documents via Fax/Email:

• Allocation Guarantee Specification Of Coal 
• Commitment Letter to Supply
• Miner Export License & Approval Of Coal Production Permit By Indonesian Ministry Of Energy
• ATSC (Authorization To Sell and Collect)

5. Upon Buyer receipt of the partial POP. The buyer order it bank to issue the Bank Guarantee in the form of (SBLC/MT760) within Six (6) bank working days to the seller nominated fiduciary bank account.

6. Sellers bank issues below full pop documents to the buyer bank alongside with 2% PB when SBLC MT760 is confirmed by seller bank from buyer.

7. Seller and Shipping Company sign the Charter Party Agreement. Seller pays for the Shipping Cost, Shipping Company moves the Vessel at the loading port for Loading of the product into the vessel ,  Upon completion of Cargo Loading

8. Seller Company releases copies of POP and Shipping documents to buyer Company :

• Product allocation export permit
• Allocation title ownership certificate
• Trans Shipment contract to transport the product to the loading port
• Port storage agreement
• Charter party agreement to transport the product to discharge port
• Clean & Clear Certificate
• SGS , CCIC , Equivalent quality and quantity certificate
• Bill of lading
• Vessel questionnaire Q88

9. Shipment commences as per contract and upon arrival of the vessel at the discharge port, buyer conducts SGS or CIQ Inspection.

10. Buyer makes operative payment for the full shipment via T/T Wire or MT103.

11. Seller will release payments to the intermediaries involved within 48 hours of receiving the full Payment for the product from the Buyer’s bank.

12.After successful delivery of the first monthly shipment of the Product, Buyer transfers the full amount of the following month delivery to maintain the Standby Letter of Credit 100% SBLC MT760 and contract continues for subsequent Eleven (12) months subject to this Contract

1. Buyer Issues ICPO Non-Revocable Company Purchase Order enclosing Copy of Passport, Company Profile

2. Seller Issues Commercial Invoice (CI) for Lift able Goods/Draft Contract

3. The Buyer Returns the Signed and Received Commercial Invoice to the Seller/Draft Contract together ,and within 3 days Buyer Open MT 199 ( POF )  and the Seller issues:

- Commitment To Supply
- Cargo Allocation Guarantee
- Export License + All Refinery Documents
- ATV (Authorization For Verification)
- UATIP (Unconditional Authorization To Person Boarding To Refinery Tank Storage)
- ATSC (Authorization To Sell and Collect)

4. After Verifying All POP Documents, Buyer Hire & Contact SGS Indonesia Or CCIC Indonesia Company To Make Inspection Appointment, And Buyer Inspection Team Check Quantity & Quality Of Products In Our Stock And After Sampling Result Analysis Preferred and Buyer Proceed The Payment 100 % Via MT 103 Wire 

5. The seller will issue a loading schedule to the buyer and the Buyer Must sends the Q88 Ship Data + ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), Seller Will Lodge the Buyer Documents to the Port Agent To Set up and Programing When the Buyer Vessel  Arrive To the Anchorage Point .

6. When the Buyer's Ship arrives at the loading port / port, the seller agent & surveyor Come on board to arrange the cargo loading plan And Initial Draft of Buyer Vessel , after all parties have signed the appointment and the seller has issued a NOR (Readiness Notice) as soon as possible the loading  .

7. After the loading is completed to the buyer's ship, The Seller Agent provide complete documents for trans Shipment loading, Allocation Certificate and Exportation Documents to the buyer for the buyer to complete Custom Clearance at the place of unloading.

8. The seller will pay the mediator fee within 48 hours

Special Note : Buyer carry the responsibility for all total cost visitation , Seller has responsibility waiting the buyer on the office